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Here are some of the  commissions I did at MCM manchester this weekend, I was surprised to get the ones I did as I thought nobody would be up for it, I’ll be honest I like the Jake one best. I wanted to put a giant burrito in the picture but couldn’t fit it in so went for bacon pancakes instead.

Trying out a postcard design that I have had in my head for a while now, I might make it one of the kickstarted postcards designs as well, but I’lll leave it for a few days and see how I feel about it.

 I also got these mini prints done ready for Manchester MCM expo this weekend, finally got my butt in gear and got them done. If anyone is going to that please come over and say hi!

So it was crocodile-chocolate birthday the other week and me being me ended up booking a comic convention on top of it, although a little later than it should have been this is my little picture that I made for him.

 Now I know that Ponyo isn’t everybody’s favourite ghibli film but it has a solid place in my heart, it was the first one that Me and Rob saw at the cinema, and this scene was the best!

The image itself is lots of layered card coloured with spray paint, watercolours and roughly about a weeks worth of work (off and on that is)

Hey Nikki! Im a big fan of your art and comics, and I just wanted to ask if you where coming to Manchester MCR this year, I was only able to buy one thing of you last year but I loved it! I really really hope you can come :)


 Happy to hear that you like my stuff, I should be coming to manchester MCM in july, fingers crossed I may (but don’t hold me to it) will have vol.3 with me.

 I look forward to seeing you there, please drop by and say hi!

Quick little commish from Bristol comic con, I normally am not to bad at doing Pokemon commissions, as long as I have a reference I can turn them out ok, I can turn out a bad-ass Pikachu in under 5mins now, Ha ha ha.

Oh my goodness, one thing I never really notice was that I forgot to put up my Lost boys card art. I made this last year for a horror film exhibition in Sheffield, I know I put up the progress work but never put up the final thing, so here it is.

 The idea was to do a postcard of the location from a horror film, I got given the lost boys which I wasn’t too familiar with, but had a go at doing the fairground for it.

 Let just say that this was one of my more detailed card art and it nearly broke me. I’d say it took me nearly two weeks to make this (on and off from going to work), but the final prints of it look great! that’s all w ended to know…right!

Saw that the dragonsonas is doing the rounds and I did a tiny sketch of one the other day, I have done ones for the other sons just don’t have them to hand. These are fun little things to draw when you are having a slump, from this I thought it would be good practice at doing some quick digital inking and colour (which I am not all that good at), but hey ho I knocked this one out. Plus I having been colouring in some last of us prints which don’t have my usual colour palette and it’s super nice to get the bright colours out again!

I also did some quick sketches of the Frozen girls, I want to draw a proper picture of them both but thought this would be a good opportunity to practice some colouring them in and also to play around with the colour palettes, trying warm and colder colour palettes. 

Some little characters I drew at lou’s, they are characters I have been creating for Herald Owlett further on in the book, but just trying out different types for them. Little cat rabbit things.

My other picture for the animal crossing tumblr, also trying out some colouring styles. 

Benedict belong to my boyfriends village, when I would go over and visit he would always tell me how great he was, I wasn’t a huge fan of the chickens in the game but Benedict changed all that.

He’s a little champ and well worth having in your village!

(This is for you Rob!)

Finally got round to inking my Last of us prints,  I want to try and get these coloured in-between doing the comic and hopefully have them ready for comic cons, the clickers where very fun to draw.

This is my little Celia for the Animal crossing tumblr, she didn’t stay in my village for very long but she was a gem! Super sweet and super lovely,was so gutted when she left, I basically lost the charger for my 3DS so didn’t play on it for a week, when I went back she was gone. 

 If anyone manages to get her, she’s a keeper.

So in between doing comic pages for Honeydew I managed to finish the Last of us, which meant that i could FINALLY look at the art book. Yet again another fine little book (thanks Rob), but that also means that I have some super reference for some prints I want to do of it.

 I would like to do both a Joel print and an Ellie print (both are great characters) and means I can do a sort of summer / winter theme. This is the Joel version complete with clickers (which shouldn’t be fun to draw but so are).Not the best picture I know but if I don’t put this up now i’ll forget and nothing will happen with it. Booo

I thought I would put up my little haul from Thought Bubble. What a super convention, although I am now bloody tired and ill, I didn’t have all that much money on me but still managed to spend a lot.

I got to meet Brandon Graham which was one of the highlights of the con for me, (he’s one of my top artist and one of the reason why I got into making my own comics), he was super lovely and spent so much time doing me some drawings, it was chuffin ace!. I asked him if he could draw my paper-armed cyclops monster (Terra-Cota) which I hope would be a little different and what an amazing version of her, I couldn’t be happier. I also painted him a watercolour (as a nerdy thanks) in which he than gave me some original artwork (which blew my mind), so going to get that framed ASAP.

 I also picked up Becky and Franks new book which is a gem in the collection, Rob also got me a print of theirs too (I had a hard time choosing which one mind) so went for the red panda.

Also picked up a sloth print and a sticker from John Allison who also drew Rob a really good Frank Zappa, New Noonan from Marc Ellerby, My kickstarted epic of Cat and Meringue By Nich Angell, Amusing Puns by Gemma Correll and two comics by Meredith Gran. Looks like I have a fair bit of reading to do but I can’t wait, I’ve been needing some good books for a while now and these fit the bill perfectly.

 It’s been such a good con, Rob came to his first one and he picked up soo much good stuff as well, I am really glad he came to it. Also big ups to Jen/Josh/Rhiannon and Becks my table crew and everyone else who I said hello to, Great con guys!

Hooray, I finished the Metroid Piece for the Retro games exhibition at the Wick.

 I actually really enjoyed doing this, cop aired to the Lost boys one (which broke me a little) this was a nice little simple idea to do. Whilst doing this I tried some different things which helped out a lot .

 I do want to make some prints of these but they won’t be ready for Thought Bubble, But will put them up on my shop as soon as they are ready.

Anywho… Enjoy!