Oh boy oh boy, I finally have one of the pages done for vol.3 re-print of herald Owlett done. I have kinda been doing these in-between texting the many pages of honeydew, I find I work better on lots of little projects instead of one big project, The downside to that is that it feels like nothing gets done, (which is probably true).

 Any-who This took me ages to get done, still going to tweak a little here and there but finally happy that I get to colour the lava on Ru-Bian, it didn’t have the same feel to it in black and white, (lava is hard to do in black and white)

Any feedback would be fab, feels like ages since i posted up comic stuff…any who I’ll be doing a Kickstarter update real soon.

Trying out a postcard design that I have had in my head for a while now, I might make it one of the kickstarted postcards designs as well, but I’lll leave it for a few days and see how I feel about it.

 I also got these mini prints done ready for Manchester MCM expo this weekend, finally got my butt in gear and got them done. If anyone is going to that please come over and say hi!

So it was crocodile-chocolate birthday the other week and me being me ended up booking a comic convention on top of it, although a little later than it should have been this is my little picture that I made for him.

 Now I know that Ponyo isn’t everybody’s favourite ghibli film but it has a solid place in my heart, it was the first one that Me and Rob saw at the cinema, and this scene was the best!

The image itself is lots of layered card coloured with spray paint, watercolours and roughly about a weeks worth of work (off and on that is)

starlightsupernova asked:

Hey Nikki! Im a big fan of your art and comics, and I just wanted to ask if you where coming to Manchester MCR this year, I was only able to buy one thing of you last year but I loved it! I really really hope you can come :)


 Happy to hear that you like my stuff, I should be coming to manchester MCM in july, fingers crossed I may (but don’t hold me to it) will have vol.3 with me.

 I look forward to seeing you there, please drop by and say hi!

Oh my goodness, one thing I never really notice was that I forgot to put up my Lost boys card art. I made this last year for a horror film exhibition in Sheffield, I know I put up the progress work but never put up the final thing, so here it is.

 The idea was to do a postcard of the location from a horror film, I got given the lost boys which I wasn’t too familiar with, but had a go at doing the fairground for it.

 Let just say that this was one of my more detailed card art and it nearly broke me. I’d say it took me nearly two weeks to make this (on and off from going to work), but the final prints of it look great! that’s all w ended to know…right!

Saw that the dragonsonas is doing the rounds and I did a tiny sketch of one the other day, I have done ones for the other sons just don’t have them to hand. These are fun little things to draw when you are having a slump, from this I thought it would be good practice at doing some quick digital inking and colour (which I am not all that good at), but hey ho I knocked this one out. Plus I having been colouring in some last of us prints which don’t have my usual colour palette and it’s super nice to get the bright colours out again!